2 Ingredient African Pepper Sauce Recipe.

african pepper sauce recipe
african pepper sauce

Most Simple African Pepper Sauce.

Almost everyone in Africa loves some degree of heat to their food. This easy and quarantine friendly pepper sauce is to die for.

You only need 2 ingredients to achieve this amazing sauce.

This recipe is the simplest and the most basic African habanero sauce recipe. It taste so yummy, and it is amazingly simple, and easy to achieve.

This pepper sauce goes with anything you can think of. Like for real though.


10 -15 Habanero pepper

1 whole Onions

Green onions (optional)



  • Wash your pepper and put into the blender
  • Chop your onions and add to the blender
  • Add your spring of green onions (optional)
  • Add little water and blend.
  • Toss your mixture into your pot and cook.
  • Add your seasoning (knorr cubes, salt) to taste.
  • Transfer the pepper to an airtight container when the water is dry.
  • Add oil to it and VIOLA!!!!

Watch how to do it:

What can you eat the pepper sauce with?

You can eat this spicy sauce with

  1. Fish: Grilled fish, oven baked or even fried fish.
  2. Deep fried batter: Accra banana, puff puff, gateaux, beignets etc.
  3. Suya/soya: Beef and chicken suya.
  4. Soups: Peanut butter soup, tomato stew, egusi soup.
  5. Rice: fried rice, jellof/jollof rice
  6. Chips: fried yam or yam chips, plantain chips, Irish potatoes fries and so much more.
ingredients for pepper sauce
ingredients for african pepper sauce
fish and yam fries
things to eat with pepper sauce: fish, yam fries

Let me know how this turned out of you try it.

Until next time,

This is Bella.


  1. Heyyy sis!!

    I can tell that you’re passionate about cooking; I need to take a few lessons from you. lol Although I love to eat, being in the kitchen to cook is another story.

    Thank you for sharing this recipe!



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