5 Definitive ways to heal after a terrible heartbreak

how to heal from a breakup
healing completely from a bad breakup

How to heal after a terrible heart break.

It is quarantine and a lot of changes are going on in the world right now. Change is a constant thing. With no time to waste, a lot of people are going via a lot of stress and there is so much instability and insecurity. Generally speaking, there is a lot of pain in the world right now. Although everyone has been told to stay home, not a lot of people are having quality time while being quarantined. During a time like this, there are a lot of people going through emotional trauma. This trauma is not only because people are being killed by COVID-19, but it is because, a lot of relationships are breaking up. The rate of domestic violence is increasing to the letter daily. In this time of great instability in the world, how will an amazing person like you balance a breakup and being able to properly heal? Trust me when I say that, having a breakup right now is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. But trust me when I say that, you can still go via it. You are not the first to undergo any breakup. You will not be the last. Everyone has had their fair share of breakups and or disappointments. When you totally heal from a breakup, you will better understand that, a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. With that being said, know that life continues, and let me share with you tips on how to heal after a breakup.

  • Acceptance:

This is a very crucial phase. Accepting that you are hurt is very important. Denial means you can not heal. When you accept that you just had a breakup or that you have been hurt, then your healing is inevitable. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to yell or scream, do that. Furthermore, if you need to go to the park, or take a walk, do that. If you need to do any exercise, you should. You may even go to bed and bump your head and deny to wake up. That’s totally fine as well. One thing you must do is acknowledge the hurt. When you do that, know it is the beginning of your healing journey.

  • Forgive them, and forgive yourself:

Saying that you should forgive may be very easy to say. Forgiving yourself and others is very important. In order for you to have a better life, and actually move on, you need to have a horizontal relationship with others. This can only be possible when you have a vertical relationship with GOD. He alone will and is able to help you forgive yourself and others. It may seem difficult at first, but trust me, to forgive means that you were actually making progress. Everyone is quick to tell you that GOD forgave us, and has commanded us to forgive others 77 time 7. It is easy to say, but doing it is difficult. If you can trust God and this healing process, then you will better understand that forgiveness s good. Greatness is in the details. Something so minor like forgiving can change your world completely. Sometimes you and I tend not to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we do. You owe yourself forgiveness. You have to forgive yourself, and that alone will give you a sense of self love, and self worth. You are worthy of forgiving yourself.

  • Pray and surrender your pain to God:

Praying and surrendering your pain to God is very crucial. Prayer is the masters key. Prayer is a secret and it is able to work wonders. Prayer is a communication tool. You are communicating with GOD who really understands you. He will never talk down on you. He will never judge you. God can really relate with you and give you a better reason to live. Trust me when I say that GOD really understands. If you need to cry when you are praying, you should cry. It is really therapeutic. Even the bible makes us understand that GOD has emotions because the bible says in John 3:16 that ‘For GOD so LOVED the world …’ meaning GOD has feelings and loves you. He will never cast you out. If you come to him, he will take you in and show you unconditional love. It is up to you to just accept his love. Freely he offers you that love, and it will only be poite to freely receive it.

  • Do things that make you happy. Enjoy being single:

Everyone has what they love and what brings them joy and happiness. Do yourself a favor and enjoy when you can. If watching movies at this time will make you happy, do so. If spending quality time with your loved ones will make you happy, do it. Just distract yourself. Sometimes, you just need to start afresh. You can learn a new skill, or spend time doing amazing activities which you have always loved to do. Learn an instrument if music is your passion, or if that’s what you have always wanted.

Know that being single is a blessing and not a curse. Do not think that being single is a weakness or some kind of bad luck. Do your best to be up and about. Get busy, and surround yourself with good people. Surround yourself with great vibes and superb energy only. Trust me when I say that you will enjoy being single. You do not have to be accountable to no body apart from GOD. You have to be your own boss, and make merry. You do not have to be worrying about a cheating spouse or a jealous partner. You are like a bird, so fly.

  • Focus on your future and make plans:

You have dreams that you want to achieve. When you finally breakup, go for your dreams. You may have given up your dreams or your passion because of your then relationship. If this was the case, set the record straight and go for your dreams. Make plans and strategize on how to fulfill or realize your dreams. If you need to go to school, do so. if you need to start a business, do so. If you need to start a new hobby, do so. It is never too late to start any new thing or learn a craft.

One thing that I am a strong believer of is destiny. Go for your dreams. What ever will make you happy, go for it. Hustle and grind. Do not give up. Work on yourself and be a better version of yourself.

As always, I want to hear from you. If you have ever gone via a breakup or are going via one right now, please leave me message or an email. I want to know how you are doing and or coping.

It is wise to take care of yourself. You deserve better, and you are special.

Until next time,

This is Bella.



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