ankara head tie
headwrap tutorial for beginners

How to tie an Ankara scarf/ headwrap

In this post, I show you how to use your Ankara fabric to do a head wrap. This is actually a great way to actually cover your old hair style. It is quarantine, and all hair shops are closed. You can not even do your hair if you do not have someone already in your house hold, or if you personally cannot get it done by yourself. Some people still have to work from home. If your hair is old, and you need to attend online meetings, this tutorial is for you. Do not misinterpret this for the gele head wrap. The materials used are different

What you need:

An Ankara headwrap.

In this video, I answer some common questions like;

How do I do a head wrap?

How do you wrap a Doek (Dutch name for a cloth) on your head?

How do you wrap your hair in African style?

Are head wraps in style?

Why do Africans wear scarves?

Head wraps or head scarves are still in style, and you can enjoy them with any kind of clothing. You can style them with denim, and any kind of jeans, to Ankara fabric, to satin, to your polyesters and cotton fabrics.

There are various ways to tie the Ankara fabric like this.

head wrap with ankara fabric

Furthermore, in today’s video, I will show you how you can get the first look below.

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If you try this, let me know how it goes for you.

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