Boiled African peanuts/ groundnuts recipe plus storytime.

boiled corn and peanuts
peanuts and corn on the cob.

I am a girl who is so proud of my roots. I come from the North West region of Cameroon, and peanuts, is a must have and must eat. As a matter of fact, this nut is enjoyed all year round as a snack. Truth be told I am addicted to this snack. Anyone who knows me, knows this. I need to go for therapy. During my therapy sessions, I know I will say something along these lines; ‘Hi, I am Bella, and I am addicted to Peanuts’ lol. I know I will never recover from this addiction and this is for real. It has been a long time coming. Peanuts go along side corn. It does not matter how, but I am so glad that corn and peanuts decided to marry each other. I do not know who is female, and who is male. Well, to make it easy, let’s just say that Mr. Corn and Mrs. Peanuts. Lol.

Before I jump into the recipe, let me tell you how this addiction all started. In one of my posts, I had said I lived with my grand mom during the early years of my life. I know you already know where this story is heading to right? Well, I was pampered by her, and it didn’t stop the fact that I would also get a whopping when necessary. I had this special bowl that was only meant for me. It was my snack bowl. When I say snack, I mean my night time and over night snack bowl. Hahahaha. Never heard about this right? I never respected eating hours, because I had my own eating hours. Although I would not like to eat breakfast, I may end up eating dinner, then wait for my evening snack which will be the almighty Mr. and Mrs. (you already know them right?).

During rainy season, which is the harvest season of the almighty fresh peanuts aka groundnuts, I would end up having boiled fresh peanuts aka groundnuts for dinner and ‘roasted’ corn which is actually roast corn or corn on the cob, then my fresh peanuts or groundnuts for snack. During the dry season, I can only enjoy the dried peanuts. Grandma will fry it (I mean patch it) and I will enjoy it with corn. The combo is called ‘gru-gru’, ‘krang-krang’ or fried corn and groundnuts. This was my best snack. I know you have been hearing me say that ‘snack’. Does it mean I ate only peanuts for snack? Growing up I had a lot of things to choose from by God’s grace. Although I didn’t come from a rich family, my family did the best to provide for me. In fact, they gave all they had for me.

This is the moment of truth. When I use the word ‘snack’, I actually mean going to bed with my fresh boiled peanuts in my bowl. If it is dry season, I will equally go to bed with my patch corn and groundnuts in my bowl. Hahahaha. Who does that right? Well, me. At night while ‘men’ sleep (who is my grandmother), I will be devouring my boiled peanuts, or fried Mr. Corn and Mrs. Peanuts combination. I will literally ‘sleep eat’ this thing. I could never sleep without this bowl with my favorite snack which happened to be in season. My grand mom tried to stop me, but failed. I guess some attitudes can not just go away like that. This was a routine for me. I mean to say that, I did this daily. And my bowl had better be filled to the brim. Whenever I woke up the next day, I will see some of the left overs on the bed. After all, I was the biggest rat in the building.

With that being said, let me show you how these green African peanuts is boiled. When I got to the USA, I realized that the peanuts here are well seasoned, with salt and garlic etc. added to the peanuts. It is actually over cooked. It is not so with this Cameroon style boiled peanuts.


  • Wash your one pound of peanuts until the water is clear.
  • Soak it in water for 2-3 days so that if becomes so fresh if you are using dried peanuts. Do not forget to change the water daily. Skip this step if you have green peanuts.
  • Boil in 1 cup of water for about 3 minutes.
  • Strain and drain.
  • Let cool and serve.


You still want your peanuts crunchy and not all soggy.

Do not leave your peanuts in water because it will absorb water.

You can eat this snack with fresh sweet corn on the cub. If you decide to eat it with the corn on the cob, do not add butter to the corn on the cob. 

soak dry peanuts in water
soak your dry peanuts in water


boil your peanuts in water
boil peanuts in a pot for 5 minutes.


boiled corn and peanuts
peanuts and corn on the cob.


Watch the video below.

This snack is so addicting. let me know how it turned out for you if you try this recipe.

Until next time,

It is BELLA.


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