Caring for your mental health during quarantine COVID-19.

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how to take care of yourself during quarantine

How to take care of your mental health during quarantine.

Mental health is something that should not be played with. A lot of people do not know the importance of keeping their mental health in check. In developed countries, a lot of people are well educated about mental health. There is some what a degree of sensitization going on. However, in some developing countries or in not so developed countries, people do not even know about mental health. Some people look at it like a stigma.

Personally, I can say with all conviction that almost everyone on planet earth has been a little depressed, or traumatized at some point in their life. The only difference is how you handle yourself when tough moments come. You should not let anything have a hold on you. In life, you will face some trying moments. These moments will range from being hurt by your loved ones, to loosing someone special, to even loosing your business. You may feel trampled upon and abandoned. A lot of things may be thrown at you that will give you a feeling of giving up but do not give up. There is this saying that tough times does not last, but tough people do.

Being quarantined is a no brainer. It is hard. It is so not what I want in my life to be honest. It is different if you are just home because you want to be home. It is also different if you are a stay at home mom or a stay at home person. It is also different if you voluntarily just want to stay at home. COVID-19 gives one a feeling of being in jail or prison. It is really frustrating. People are different and have different temperaments. Some people love being indoors, and others do not. I know some people who love to be up and about. Right now, you do not have any say. You have to be home especially is you are not a healthcare worker. My prayers go out to and for anyone who is a healthcare worker.

With everything changing so fast, you are bound to stay home. Not everyone likes it. A lot of people have lost the source of their revenue. Some have actually lost their loved ones. People are affected in one way or the other. People are affected directly or indirectly. A lot of people may not say it because they do not know how to say it. Some do not have someone to even talk to.

Taking care of your mental health during pandemics like the COVID-19 is very important. I have come to realize that your mental health determines how you will function in life. If there is no stability, you can not even live you God given life. you can not even fulfil destiny and your purpose. You can not even be happy. I am a strong advocate of being happy. When you are not happy, that is when you become miserable. This is one of the stressors that actually make people suicidal. It is undeniable that a lot of things may cause suicidal radiation like loss of something very important, how you are treated by others, medications you may be on, and all what not. With that being said, it is safe to boldly say that COVID-19 is affecting lives and people out there either directly or indirectly.

This blogpost is dedicated to you reading. I want you to be safe during this time. If you know anyone going via any mental health crisis or who may need this, please share with them.

How to protect your mental health during crisis like COVID-19.

Morning routine

I cannot even over emphasize or under emphasize the importance of having a morning routine. When you google or watch some YouTube videos, you see a lot of people showing you their morning routine. To be honest, I see that people just exaggerate how they do their morning routines. I am not saying that you shouldn’t have a long, and exquisite morning routine. The issue is, even if you want to have a spa like morning routine, where will you get all those fancy things when a lot of stores are closed?

Have a morning routine that resonates with you. Having a morning routine sometimes can be as simple or easy as just getting up from bed, take a cup of coffee or tea. Furthermore, you can just meditate, or call a loved one. You can even just shower, or do what makes you happy. Personally, when I get up, I like to drink a cup of warm water, and I read my bible and I pray. I can then do whatever I want to do that makes me happy.

Eat well

Eating is very important. During winter, I totally understand that a lot of people were just eating whatever they wanted to eat or felt like eating. It is unfortunate that, summer is around the corner and you have to start going to the gym. Unfortunately, all gyms are closed. Some people are taking upon themselves to starve. Others are over eating. This is an all or nothing law. You should not be over eating, or undereating. Do not eat to please yourself. Over eating has never and will never be a coping skill. Eat just the right amount. You do not want to be going to the hospital because a health complication due to over eating.

Avoid unhealthy over information

This one may sound weird. Please avoid over information. A lot of people are on the internet just saying whatever they want to say when it comes to COVID-19. Some of what they say can give you a panic attack instantly. I am not trying to scare you. If you must get info or any updates about COVID-19, check on trusted websites. It is important to be informed especially in this time of crisis. Do not get me wrong. I just do not want you misinformed because that alone can kill you. Go ahead and take few breaks within the day from social media. Trust me this tip will help you. Social media can be addictive sometimes. Take a break from it sometimes. It will help.

Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is very bad. We have all been there. You may really want to do something, but you end up not doing it. You may always postpone what you want to do forgetting that tomorrow never comes.

Do your best to read a motivational or self-empowering book. Anything that you have always loved to do, do it especially if it can be done online. You can clear your closet, clean your house, or you can even cook something that you really love.

Stay home

This is one of those things that no one really wants to hear. First of all, you must accept that you have to stay at home. When you accept that, you have to stay home. You need to be safe for others to be safe too. If you stay home, you reduce the risk of getting COVID-19, or you reduce the risk of it spreading. It is for your good and my good. If only you stay home, you and I will actually get to go out before you know it. If everyone is going out, then it will even bring more anxiety because the number of those affected will soar, and that is even more scary. Be safe and stay home.

Do what makes you happy and surround yourself with happy people

In times of crisis, you need people to help you and so do people need you too. No one is an island. If dancing makes you happy, then dance. If singing will make you fell like you are on top of the world, then sing out your lungs. If drawing, or painting makes you feel amazing, do it. If spending time with you can actually make you feel okay, give yourself some self-love. If being with your family, loved ones and kids will make you feel fabulous and fantastic plus ‘coca – cola-listic’ then do it. Be happy. Life is short.

Night time routine

Having a night time routine is very important. Just like a morning routine. It can range from reflecting on how you spent your day, to just listening to music. Personally, I pray at night, and thank God for another day he gave to me. Furthermore, I tell my loved ones how much they mean to me via text or call. I also just reflect on my life, and what I will be doing after COVID-19. Finally, I may leave my diffuser on with its soothing music as it plays via the night.

And viola!.

Although you are quarantined, and amidst everything going on now, you need to be happy. You deserve to feel worthy more than ever before during this time.

Let me know what you are doing during this quarantine and or amidst this crisis.

Until next time,



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