learn to say now

What is the difference between two (2) and three (3)? The only difference is a one (1). Just like a NO has two (2) letters, and a YES has three (3) letters. Getting a 2 letter NO or a 3 letter YES, makes all the difference in life. An answer to a direct question is always a yes or a no. Both replies determine where you will find yourself in life. Its high time you and I say a big NO to all the negative energy in life, because it determines how far you will go with the positive YES decisions you make.

Saying NOOOO:

It’s really devastating saying no to decisions that made your life beautiful. Saying no to the right people who are there to encourage you, people who are there to push you forward in life. Saying no is the worst decision ever. It amazes me to see that, people do not like having friends, loved ones around them that tell them the truth, and actually call a spade a spade. Saying no always closes a door for any opportunity just like saying YES opens a door. Saying no brings other opportunities to you. It can either be a better than the previous opportunities, or worst. Either way, all doors are different. Depending on each response, one must be careful when saying yes or no. Some examples of such include relationships, jobs, business partners, career, talent exhibition, marriage, kids/ parenting, pastoring, and or activities of daily living.

Saying YESSSS:

Oh myyyyyyy. This 3-letter word is the bomb dot com. It opens doors in every aspect of one’s life. Those who have a lot of empathy and sympathy for others, often say yes more than anything else. LOL (laughing out loud) I know what I am saying. saying yes will determine your circle of influence and affluence. Saying yes either takes you up, or brings you down. Allowing people in your life that don’t have the same vision and purpose like you, will ruin your life, and make you miserable. Allowing doors that need to be shut open, is a no no. Allow only doors that ought to be open opened. Those doors that need to be shut, shut them sir or ma’am.

I mean shut them. If you need my help in shutting them, I am coming to help you shut those doors. Those doors that need to be shut that are still open, bring nothing but depression, it causes you to not value your self-worth, it makes you do crazy things that you didn’t envisage. These doors make you idle, and an ideal man is the devil’s workshop. I always watch different crime and investigation tv shows, and I realize that, people who are in toxic relationships, or who see pointers of toxic relationships and stay in them, end up inter twinned in crazy things they never thought that they could ever end up in.

I must confess that bringing an end to maybe a toxic relationship, or a crazy addiction, or what ever the challenge is, is so hard. You can not do it on your own. You need help from loved ones, family, friends, or therapists, or even prayers can help you nip it in the bud. As we all go into the end of this year, set goals to shut any unwanted doors, and start afresh. It is never too late to start all over.

Until next time, it is meeeeeee.




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