Daily Struggles Of A Christian woman

challenges a christian woman faces
Struggles of a single christian woman

What IT Means To Be A Christian Girl.

Everyone has fears, and everyone has struggles. People struggle from being a working single mom, to single fathers, to young christian girls or boys, to those who experience divorce, and so on, and so forth. In this blog post, i will share with you what it means to be a christian girl. The struggle if so real. Trust me when i say that.

In March of 2018, I was having a very challenging year so far, and I was so tired on this particular day because I had had a lot on my plate that day.

After taking a shower, and in my Pajamas, ready for a nice and sweet ride and voyage into ‘dream land’, I heard a whisper in my ear like someone said a word to me. I looked around, and I knew that, that was a word for me. I bumped my head so tight that I could not hear anything. I shut my eye lids so tight that I could not even feel a shadow pass. I was like ‘there is no way in the history of mankind that I will get up to write any inspiration, or anything I hear you say to me this night LORD’.

I was so tired, and needed to sleep. What an ‘August visitor’ at this hour of the day although it was not August yet. It was still the month of March). It was already after 11 pm. I just took a leap of faith, and was so disgruntled because I had just had a very important Personality give a VIP invitation at night to write and communicate with HIM.

I wished I had an imaginary iPad or a tablet that I could think about something in my mind, and it would magically appear, and all I needed to do was look at it magically, and it will just write what I needed for it to write. I didn’t even want to talk, or say anything. I woke up, took my blue manuscript book, that traveled with me all the way from Cameroon in West Africa, and started writing, and scribbling what I could. Below is what I got. Read and be blessed.

Being a Christian girl means that I am imperfect. For in my imperfection, He is my strength and my perfection.

Being a Christian girl means that I get discouraged, but His Grace is sufficient for me.

It means sometimes I feel that all doors are shut, but He is always my way maker.

Being a Christian girl means I often forget my life is unique. I forget that I am different, and I have a purpose.

Most times, I forget that the “RED SEA” almost engulfed me, YET the LORD sustained me, and made a way for me.

Most times, I do not concentrate on the ‘manna’ he is giving, I only think of the better things I wished I had.

Being a Christian girl is being the toughest version of myself. But I often forget that with him, ALL things (not some things) are smooth and easy, and possible.

Being a Christian girl, I cannot phantom how I can be Christ- like in all I do, but He says I am more than a conqueror/ overcomer in this life.

Most times, I wonder away but his love is more than enough to bring me back to His loving arms.

Being a Christian girl in a world filled with a lot of expectations for me, and looking up to me to show an example and be more than an ideal gas, which is very hard from my side but His Grace is sufficient.

Most times, I know that I have missed the mark, and I am a total disaster. I remember that I may fall seven times, but if I rise up the eighth time, that is what my loving father, my maker and my friend want or expects from me.

So, I keep coming back like a ‘prodigal son’ expecting to serve like a servant, yet He dresses me in purple robe and fine linen with a signet ring and a scepter, and a golden crown. He orders a banquet for me far above my expectations with all the fattened bulls and calves, and all kinds of animal just for me.

His love is so over whelming.

I can say being a Christian girl is not and has never been by my effort, but it has always been BY HIS GRACE. For being a Christian girl is truly a product of GRACE.


I would like to read from you.

Until next time, plenty hugs and love from me to you.



  1. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step… The journey is far Bella but most importantly it has begun! I’m proud! Keep going…


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