Find Your Inner self.



It is very important to know, and find yourself. It is very important to also know how you can find your inner self because a lot of people have lost track of who they truly are.

I am a thinker and sometimes, I am amazed at the number of copy cats out here. You often see people, trying so hard to be like another person. Do not get me wrong. It is different when someone is mentoring you in a good way, or you are learning something from what someone is doing. There are people that, something is not clearly for them, and they are clearly not even enthusiastic about that thing, but they do it, just because someone is doing it, and leave their own dreams, and goals, or aspiration or their own purpose aside. I believe so much in multi-tasking, or the ability to do a lot of things at once. There are people who are so gifted out there that they are able to do that. I am talking about people who have truly lost the sense of who they truly are.

Find yourself, and be you.

The only way to find who you truly are, is to depend on GOD, because he is the only one who can actually unveil who you are in Him. Life begins only when you have something you live for. This ‘thing’ is actually your purpose, and the reason you are here on earth.

Shun all desires of being lost in this world of instability by trying to be someone else. Be who you are, and be authentic. Trust me when I say that, there are people and or there is actually someone out here that is looking up to you, or is waiting for you to actually be you, so that you can be a blessing to them. I noticed that when you fake things until you make it, you actually become a turn off to others.

I urge you to be real with yourself, because in being you, you will definitely be more of a blessing than a burden to others.

Start living your life, and be you.

Until next time,

Its Bella


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