Focus on Yourself, and not others.



It is very important that you focus on yourself as an individual.

Sometimes, it is so overwhelming when all you do is focus on others, and it is draining you because you do not receive anything in return. There are more than a million and one people out here who need you. If you are not fortified for that task, you will crash.

Find time to be happy, find time to make someone smile, and find time to spend with your loved ones, and most importantly, you must find time to be a better version of yourself.

Until you focus on yourself, and be fortified for your purpose, you can never be of any great impact to anyone.

Life is too short, and it is high time you create time for yourself so that, you can be a better version of yourself.

Enjoy a video I did for you.

Until next time,

It’s Bella.


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