Grow your hair like Crazy with this hair mask.

oil for excessive hair growth
massive hair growth oil

Carrot, avocado hair oil for crazy hair growth

Do you want massive and a huge significance in your hair growth? From your natural, to relaxed or permed hair to texturized hair? Then you came to the right place. Oh! Do not think that I forgot about you with silky hair. Or did you just have a big chop? Then this hair oil is for you.

Can you use carrot in your hair?

YES, YOU CAN. Carrot is so effective in preventing any hair loss, as they contain vital vitamins for your hair, making you hair thicker, glossier, and stronger even healthier and even longer all thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Vitamin A and their kids (I don’t know if they are married and have children). If you wish, you can also enjoy carrots by ingesting in salads, or just eating empty carrots, or juicing a glass daily, this will stimulate your hair follicles, and give you a great skin color. Some physicians encourage the consumption of carrots because it assists with your vision.

Can you use avocado in your hair?

YES, YOU CAN. Avocado has a lot of vitamins and minerals that is vitamins A, B6, D, and E, and minerals like iron and copper which all help in nourishing your hair and scalp thus enhancing natural hair growth. It is worth noting that avocado has a lot of fatty amino acids that coat your hair follicles and help it retain moisture as much as possible.

What carrier oil is good in your hair?

You can choose from grapeseed oil, to olive oil right sweet almond oil. Use any of these oils as a carrier oil.


  1. 2 large carrots (organic preferred but if you do not have, that is still ok).
  2. 1 large ripened avocado
  3. Carrier oil of choice


  1. Grate your carrots using a grater, or you can pass it through your food processor.
  2. Peel avocado and take seed away. Then mash it.
  3. Put both into an airtight glass container.
  4. Add your olive oil (or carrier oil of choice) until it covers everything up.
  5. Boil for 20-30 minutes, then let cool.
  6. Pass it through a mesh cloth or sieve and squeeze or press respectively.
  7. Put into any container of choice.

Let me know how it went for you


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