Happy Mother’s Day to you Mommy Love

Mom is gold
Mom is gold

A girl with three beautiful mothers. This is my Story.

I am the only girl in the world with three moms. I know that may sound weird. I do not want you to start thinking if these moms had donated part of their eggs, or was I put in an incubator? Or how was I formed or how did it happen? These moms are not lesbians either, so marriage is out of the way. My moms are so caring and loving. Imagine how spoiled I may have been growing up. Being the only child, I have been receiving all the love and attention from them for more than twenty years, and counting. Before I dive into the real talk why I have three moms, let me tell you their names. I put their names from the oldest to the youngest. These women are Mama, Mommy K, and Mommy Jane and they happen to be my grand ma, my biological mom, and my aunty who is my mom’s younger sister respectively.

I have always known that, if it were left to my grand ma, and my Mommy Jane, they would have birthed me themselves. However, no one gets to choose who would birth them, but God alone does. These women are the reason I am who I am today. I have received all kinds of prayers from them, and I can boldly tell you that, I always know how the wordings of their prayer will go even before they say an amen. Not to talk about the pieces of advice. These strong black women can advise me for Africa. I know that they would give me all the pieces of advice, and the pieces of advice put together would over flow if I had to put in a barrel. Mommy k always end up saying ‘… Bebe Nwe, please do not join bad friends ok’? Or mommy Jane will start by saying ‘you know that I am not with you, and none of us is with you, so you have to be responsible for your actions my baby”. Or my grand mom will start telling me stories from my childhood, and who I was, or who I have to be. She would remind me of how we went farming together. Although we didn’t have everything in the world, we loved each other.

I didn’t want to write any blog post, however, I have come to realize that, every day is Mother’s Day, so nothing can stop me from wishing them a happy Mother’s Day daily, weekly or monthly, or whenever I have an opportunity to.

Before I continue, here are the women I am talking about.

my Grand mom
My grand mother aka mama


my mother is gold
My Biological Mom aka Mommy K


My Aunty aka Mommy Jane
My Aunt aka Mommy Jane

Finally, if you are reading this blogpost and you are a mom to anyone, biologically, spiritually, or you adopted someone’s kid, or you are just a mother figure to anyone irrespective of your age, happy Mother’s Day to you.

Sometimes I think that, mothers are not celebrated enough. Mothers are gold, and mothers are one in a million.

If you are reading this, and you are a mother, know that you are strong, tough, and you are amazing.

You may not be appreciated the way you should, but know that you rock. I know that as a mom, you bare on you the marks of motherhood, and you may not want to have them, but know that you are beautiful the way you are. You are selfless, and you loving.

As a mom, you are not perfect, and that is okay, because in your imperfection, you want your kids to be better, and you selfless even in your imperfection.

To me, no greater love had anyone, than to lay down his or her life. A a mother, you have done this from the very first day that you conceived me. No one may understand the pain, the sacrifices but in all of this, you brought out beauty in me because I am your kid, and you keep doing that daily.

As a mom, you are often misunderstood, and misjudged. Sometimes I expect more. How can you give more when you have given the most treasured possession you have which is your life?

I pray for you mom, that the Lord should increase and bless you, and give you all the good things. Above all, may the Lord give you a good long life, to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

If you read this post in its entirety, it is post Mother’s Day. I had done a video on my YouTube channel and dedicated it to them. Link below

Until next time, Its Bella


  1. Great post!! Motherhood is definitely hard, but we can only hope for our children to feel the same way about us as you do about your mom’s. 😊


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