My Father Is A Sugar Daddy. Help!!!


My Father is NOT your sugar daddy.

God cannot be mocked
in this blog post, i will talk about coming to God for who He is not, not because of what you want from him.

You may have been googling how to find a sugar daddy, or been looking for a sugar daddy yourself. Are you a sugar baby looking for a millionaire sugar daddy? Well, you just came to the right post because you just got one for yourself, and I detest the fact that your sugar daddy is my father. Are you trying to make it look as if you are that perfect Christian or perfect person who does not have a sugar daddy? Or are you giving excuses that you are a guy, and that you do not have a sugar daddy? Well, the sad news is that you have taken my father for a sugar daddy and I am not so happy about that. Most Christians think and or take God for a sugar daddy. You may be saying “NO I AM NOT!”, but let me tell you and show you how you have:

Do you remember the time you were about to write you examination, and you stopped all the lies telling so that God could make you pass your exams?

Do you remember the times you actually went for a night vigil (all night prayers) just to pray and worship God because you were sick, and wanted him to heal you?

Do you remember vividly when you did not want to get into an accident with your new car, so you were actually the first to sow a seed to get your ‘papa’ (general overseer) a new car so that your car could be spared?

Do you remember when you actually started praying for 30 minutes daily just because you wanted God to give you a job?

Do you remember when you were always the first on the dance floor in church just because you wanted a baby, and in so doing, no one could call you barren?

Oh! I almost forgot about the time you gave a total stranger (an old person walking with a cane) food just because you were hoping that this person could be an angel so that you get a blessing?

Do you remember that you actually visited your co-worker just because you wanted God to look at you with pity, and compassion, and not allow any sickness in your household?

Have you forgotten so soon that you hate orphans? and you just want to buy them a bag of rice so that you or your kids do not become orphans at an early age?

I didn’t forget about the fact that you wanted a visa so badly and you decided to listen and obey everything your family told you to do, so that God can bless you with that visa?

What about the hatred you have for your step kids? You only show them love because you want God to bless or give you kids of your own.

I just lost count of the times you did things for people not because you wanted to, but because you wanted a favor from God as a way of rewarding you. Guess what? you went back to doing and being self-centered, selfish, and thinking about no one else but you.

Do you remember you were nice to someone just because you wanted a favor from them, and then when you got that, you bid a farewell unapologetically and went off to the land of ungratefulness?

God is not mocked. For you rip what so ever you sow. My grand mom will tell me that you can never plant corn, and harvest beans, and neither will you plant corn, and harvest peanuts (groundnuts). You can only fool man, but you can never fool God.

Did you say you will stop telling lies, just because you wanted God to give you a million-dollar contract?

And did I hear you say that you will never be proud again? just because you want a blessing in the form of promotion from God?

What about not dressing so provocatively because you want marriage as a blessing, and time is against you?

Well, God is not a sugar daddy that you can approach at any time, whenever, just because you want something from him. He is not a selfish God. Its high time you and I come to him not for anything, but because of WHO HE IS. He is the king of kings, Lord of Lords, he is the messiah, promised keeper, and an unchanging God. He never fails. He has promised you what ever you want. Just do not come to Him, and pretend just because you want something. He loves you irrespective of what you say to him.

Remember he knows the beginning from the end. He was and He is. He has been from the foundations of the earth. He also knows what ever you want to tell Him before you even utter a word. Come to him as you are. Do not sugar coat things because you want something. Do not do things to people just because you want to be recognized. Do those things because you want to do it or do them. Do not do anything because you want a recognition, or a reward or a blessing. You deserve better, and God loves you for who you are, and come unto him, and he will give you rest. In his rest, there is joy, peace, happiness, fulfillment, and every good thing you can phantom.

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Until next time, lots of hugs.



  1. My dear this is soo true, man only run to God in time of trouble… am not an exemption. We sugar coat him for our needs and wants. Father lord deliver me from this bad habit.


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