classy winter outfit

Outfit of the day do how?

I have been looking for a red jacket that is long, warm, and dressy. Thank God that I found one. And I have recently been trying to find my style in this thing called fashion world. Hahahaha.

red and blacl winter oufitI have taken upon myself to dress however I want, and wear whatever I like, and whenever. I think it is important to look good, and my main problem sometimes can be styling the different pieces or putting everything together. Before I forget, I do not really care if ‘the fashion police’ comes for me on this one. Hahahahahah . I can laugh for Africa sometimes. Without wasting so much of your time, let’s get started.

This red long jacket really keeps me warm. I really wanted a long jacket, but I didn’t want black as my first, and I am also trying to add some color into my wardrobe. The one I am wearing is by Larry Levine I got it from Nordstrom, and the last time I was at Macy’s, I saw something similar to it. I am not able to get a link for you because I have checked both websites to no avail.

The red dress pants are by David Brooks

My bandeau top is from the Limited.

The boots I got are just regular ankle boots I got from the store a while ago.

To top this up, my hair it just a faux halo braid. Click here for a tutorial, and yes, I did that myself.

My necklace is a gift from sweet mommy.

Purse is from Amazon.

I am thanking God for being God in my Life as I begin this new year. Post here.

Still in the mode of appreciation, behind the camera Visas; you made this happen. 

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Let me know in the comment below how I did with pairing these pieces.

Until next time,


Much love and hugs.




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