Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Fight COVID-19 on the go with this homemade hand sanitizer


I went to the store the other day to get a hand sanitizer, and guess what?… I just reserve my comment because it seemed like the store had been transferred to somewhere else, or I was actually on a different planet because I saw nothing at all. If you have a First Aid kit at home, then you can easily make your own home-made hand sanitizer.

There are several websites out here that have publications on how you can effortlessly make your own hand sanitizer at the comfort of your home because a lot of movement has been restricted in some parts of the world. In this time, you do not just want to be moving about like someone who doesn’t know what they want, or you just want to be moving about like a ‘spirit’ for COVID-19 to destroy. (laughing out loud).

With that being said, I want you to know that, for this concoction to be effective, you need the following:

  • Aloe vera gel
  • Rubbing alcohol (it must be 99% alcohol)
  • Measuring cup
  • A bottle with a pump.
  • 2 drops of essential oil of choice (optional)


  • 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol (99% isopropyl alcohol)
  • 1/3 cup of aloe vera gel of choice

Stir together into a clean soap or pump bottle your rubbing alcohol, and aloe gel. Add in 2 drops of any essential oil of choice.

And VIOLA!!!!!


For your home-made hand sanitizer to be effective, the below must be put into consideration:

  • Your hand sanitizer will only be effective if you are able to cover your hands thoroughly with it and then letting them naturally dry. Do not try to shake them off your hands, or wipe them with a cloth that you do not know where it was simply because you thought you had pumped more than you needed in your hands.
  • This hand sanitizer can only be effective if it has a strength of at least 60% alcohol. Do not try to use a 91 percent alcohol because it would not get the work done.
  • If your hands are very dirty or greasy, know that your hand sanitizer will be of little or no help to you.

I would love to know if you tried the above recipe.

Until next time.

It’s Bella.

Happy Women’s Day


Salutations to you.

It is always a pleasure having you around here. I am always super excited when I know that someone reads what I write. So, you are so welcome here, and you can call this home.

I know this is a late post, and I really wanted to get it up here. Being tardy is better than not at all. With that being said, let’s jump into the Blogpost of today.

This is a special month because it is a month where the entire world celebrates women.

Women go through a lot generally, and sometimes I know that women are not really appreciated like they ought to be, and sometimes, a woman is not even valued, because a woman in general, is a complicated being, who has a lot of emotions flowing through her, and sometimes, it is like a roller coaster of emotions flowing through a single person.

If you are reading this and you are a woman, I want to let you know that you are beautiful, you are amazing, and you are wonderful. You may not hear this often, but you are one in a million. A lot of women suffer from an inferiority complex, and a lot of insecurities as well. On this special day, I am here to tell you that, you should wear your crown like a Queen that you are and walk tall, and with all audaciousness because you are one in a million.

Chase your dreams, and go after what makes you happy. Above all, try to make someone happy.

I would like to hear from you as usual.

This is Bella

keep Hustling and Grinding.


Hello everyone,

March is here, and this is my salutation for you.

You are welcome back to my blog, and in this post, I am encouraging you to hustle and keep grinding.

Bella here, and it is always a pleasure having you around. I’m here to just tell you happy new month, and I just want to tell you that you are amazing. It is so tough to have come this far, so I congratulate you. You made it via January, February, and now, you are in March. For you to have been able to make it this far, is not by your effort. This is a great month that the Lord has given unto you, so you have to go out there and hustle, do the best that you can do, set goals for yourself and I trust you because you are up to the task. I trust that you can do this so, go ahead and hustle go ahead and keep grinding until you get what you want.

Until next time,

This is Bella

How to Create a Butterfly Braid 2020


How to do the two faux butterfly braids.

These braids are a quick and easy protective style to do. This butterfly braids can also be done on natural hair or even on a relaxed hair. Some people call them feed-in braids. However, when you are done braiding it, you have to pull the hair extension so that it is fluffy. Some people even call this braid the mermaid braid. With hair extensions for 5 bucks, bobby pins, and some jam, thread and needle, you can achieve this look under ten good minutes. I love this hair style because it is so cheap.

To achieve these two quick and easy butterfly braids, you do not need to be so perfect at doing feed-in cornrows.

First of all, you will need to do the following:

  • Braid your hair extension of choice into a loose box braid, then fluff it out to give it some thickness. Braid the other bag completely and keep on the side.
  • Start by creating an off-center part with a rat-tail comb. In my case, I made my part on the left, so that everything falls to the right. This two butterfly braid is made up of two large braids on each side of your head that feed into one single braid in the back of your head.
  • Once you create the off-center part, apply jam, and cornrow your natural hair without any hair extension.
  • Take a bobby pin, and attach the beginning of the braid with it, then sew your braided hair extension on it, and then bring the two faux braided hair extensions together once you reach the nape of your neck, and crisscross sew them down, and you are good to go.

That’s why I made this video for you.

Find Time to Balance yourself.


Find time to balance your self

Balance is very difficult a thing to actually attain in this life filled with so much ups and downs.

In what ever you do, if there is no balance, you can not attain the goals, and things you need to do. Anyone who knows me, knows that I believe in destiny, and the fact that everyone is unique and special in their own way. I believe everyone has a unique purpose, and I believe you reading has one too, and you can achieve what ever it is, if you set your mind to and on it (your purpose).

There are three things that can actually prevent you from not having a balance in life.


If you are sick in your body, and or do not maintain a good health, you will not be able to do the things that make you happy,thus the sickness will drain you physically, and you will depreciate physically,and it will definitely affect you mentally.


If you are unstable, or traumatized because something happened to you or is currently happening to you, you may not be able to look your best, and or take care of yourself. Your emotions affect your physical appearance and how you are able to take care of yourself.


The most important realm that controls who you are, and what you will definitely become, is the spiritual realm. Furthermore, you are a spirit that resides in a body, and you have a soul. If you are affected spiritually, there is absolutely no way you can go far in life. Until you have a connection to a higher power, you can not excel in life. Until you actually have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you can not even know who you are, and what you have to do in life to fulfil destiny.

In this world filled with so much instabilities, you need to be stable. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade and to enjoy life, you need to achieve this state of balance. It may sound unrealistic, but it is attainable.

To be able to find balance, you need to find time to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually, so that you can actually glow, and be happy like you ought to be.

This is a video I made for you.

Until next time,

It’s Bella

There are still Good People out there.


Give everyone a chance, there are still good people out there.

I have personally been so hurt by people in this bad and cruel world. I have thought I would never talk to people at one time.

You are not alone. I have been hurt, so have you.

There are people out there who are still so loving, caring, and reliable, who will love you for who you are, and be there for you when you need them. People go via a lot of pain physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. You will be amazed that, a fellow human being is actually the cause of a certain pain you go through, and the torment and or the pain you go via, is actually inflicted to you knowingly. There are people out here who intentionally want you feeling so bad and unhappy at all times. They want you to live a life of misery.

Be rest assured such people are around you, and you may not even believe it if I tell you that the person is in your inner circle. Hahahaha.

Funny enough, your own enemy is always a member of your household, and knows the ins and outs of your life.

You may be reading this, and have been hurt, or disappointed by your loved ones or by someone you love. It is ok to be hurt, and feel bad. No one is an island. Do not keep to yourself or be very closed up in your own bubble. There is definitely someone out there for you. It may take you longer to realize who the person is. You should actually take your time to know who the person is, and you will realize that there are still good people out there. Not everyone is bad. Just because there are a lot of counterfeits out there, doesn’t mean there are no originals at all.

Personally, I have been hurt, and I have found my peace and decided to give every resentment to GOD. He is all I have got that really understands me. I have come to realize that, if you are depending on man, man will fail you, and you may be left with nothing else but pain. You will always have your loved ones, and family close enough to you. There will always be a time where there is a misunderstanding or you may feel that no one really understands you because sometime, we are all overwhelmed by the issues of life.

God will not come on earth physically, that’s the reason why he has given people to you. These people are here to actually encourage, motivate, and to correct you. When you have someone special (the person may be your child, spouse, mother, father, aunty, uncle, aunty, cousins, co-workers etc.) in your life, keep them closer and value them indefinitely.

How you treat people is actually how you treat yourself, and that is who you truly are.

This is a special year, so make it count in all that you do, and in all that you want to be. Give people an opportunity, because your blessing is definitely tied to someone out there.

This is a video for you.

I would love to hear from you.

Until next time,

It is BELLA.

Time is money. Stop wasting your time.


Time is money. Stop wasting your time, and move forward.

A lot of people actually waste time on things that do not really matter, and before you know it, time is gone, and once time is gone, unfortunately, you can never recover it. Time gone is time gone, and there is nothing you can do to recover it.

Time is money they say. You can always work hard and gain more money. Unlike money, you can never add or gain more time irrespective of how hard you work to get more time on your side. You have only 24 hours a day, and that’s it.

Being human, you and I tend to easily spend our time, worrying about things and people who do not really matter. Often, you can tend to invest a lot of your time, money, and your resources into someone, who does not even care about you.

Although it may hurt to leave someone or something you truly care about, I am here to tell you that, time is the only healer. Everyone on planet earth has been hurt in one way or another, and I am here to tell you that, irrespective of how many disappointments may have had, there is always room for better things to come.

You have to create that room for better people and better things to come to you. Be happy, and have a lot of self-love toward yourself. Invest in yourself, and your purpose. Do not forget that there are people who are looking up to you to be strong for them. These people may range from your kids, to your loved ones, and many people you do not even know right now.

Until next time,

Its Bella.

Focus on Yourself, and not others.



It is very important that you focus on yourself as an individual.

Sometimes, it is so overwhelming when all you do is focus on others, and it is draining you because you do not receive anything in return. There are more than a million and one people out here who need you. If you are not fortified for that task, you will crash.

Find time to be happy, find time to make someone smile, and find time to spend with your loved ones, and most importantly, you must find time to be a better version of yourself.

Until you focus on yourself, and be fortified for your purpose, you can never be of any great impact to anyone.

Life is too short, and it is high time you create time for yourself so that, you can be a better version of yourself.

Enjoy a video I did for you.

Until next time,

It’s Bella.

Find Your Inner self.



It is very important to know, and find yourself. It is very important to also know how you can find your inner self because a lot of people have lost track of who they truly are.

I am a thinker and sometimes, I am amazed at the number of copy cats out here. You often see people, trying so hard to be like another person. Do not get me wrong. It is different when someone is mentoring you in a good way, or you are learning something from what someone is doing. There are people that, something is not clearly for them, and they are clearly not even enthusiastic about that thing, but they do it, just because someone is doing it, and leave their own dreams, and goals, or aspiration or their own purpose aside. I believe so much in multi-tasking, or the ability to do a lot of things at once. There are people who are so gifted out there that they are able to do that. I am talking about people who have truly lost the sense of who they truly are.

Find yourself, and be you.

The only way to find who you truly are, is to depend on GOD, because he is the only one who can actually unveil who you are in Him. Life begins only when you have something you live for. This ‘thing’ is actually your purpose, and the reason you are here on earth.

Shun all desires of being lost in this world of instability by trying to be someone else. Be who you are, and be authentic. Trust me when I say that, there are people and or there is actually someone out here that is looking up to you, or is waiting for you to actually be you, so that you can be a blessing to them. I noticed that when you fake things until you make it, you actually become a turn off to others.

I urge you to be real with yourself, because in being you, you will definitely be more of a blessing than a burden to others.

Start living your life, and be you.

Until next time,

Its Bella

Get Glowing Skin overnight with This Coconut Milk Face mask.


Get Glowing Skin Overnight

Coconut milk is well known as a natural beauty ingredient that moisturizes the skin, and it helps nourish the skin thus keeping it soft and radiant. Do you want to have glowing, brighter and soft skin? Then the below coconut milk face mask is a must try for you. Coconut milk has so many uses, and it can be used to cook food, and it can also be used for your skincare routine thus it can be used for skin softening, skin brightening, anti-inflammatory and anti- black spots removal.

Coconut milk has high levels of Vitamin C which helps to maintain elasticity and flexibility of your skin naturally. It is also rich in copper, and prevents wrinkles, skin sagging and any aged spots.

Is coconut milk good for your skin?

 It can drastically reduce any wrinkles and give your skin an overall firmer appearance than ever before.

Can you put coconut milk on your face?

Coconut milk has a lot of proteins and fatty acids which work wonders on your skin. Just washing your face with raw, unrefined coconut milk can tremendously aid fight any wrinkles, and even tighten up your skin and pores, and even calm any form of skin irritation from waxing, to allergic reactions, and give an overall glow to your skin.


  • 2 tablespoons of rice flour
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Turmeric Powder (organic is preferred)
  • 3 tablespoon of Coconut milk
  • ¼ teaspoon of honey (optional)


Mix everything in a bowl

Wash face, and pat dry.

Apple to face in circular motion, and let it dry completely.

Wash face, pat dry, and moisturize as needed.


Its worth noting that you can do this mask 3-4 times a week, and always do a patch test.