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12 Reasons To Be Thankful This Year.

12 reasons to be grateful
i share some reasons why i am grateful

12 reasons to be happyI have been wondering what this year looked like for me, and if I can really be proud of this year, and or boldly say that I have achieved all the goals that I wanted to achieve this year, or if I am weighed on the scale would I be found wanting?. This got me thinking, and after taking several days to think about how I would rate my life’s progress this year, I realized that there are somethings that I didn’t accomplish and these things were actually on my ‘to-do list’, and there are some that I did accomplish, although they were not even on my mind or on my ‘to-do list‘, I did accomplish them.

Sometimes, we are so quick to judge ourselves by the standards set by others like we have to be at a particular level at a certain time or age, or what time we must be a business tycoon at a particular age, and if it does not happen as planned, then we are failures. For instance, getting married, and having kids is a good thing. However, in some African homes, they expect that as a girl, you should have been married and should start bearing kids before 30 years. This is a good and an ideal age for marriage and all that, but it begins to weigh on a woman, if someone has not ‘found’ her yet. She cannot marry herself. Just because she is not married, people start talking, and then she begins to think that she is a failure, simply because she has not realized her goal, or because the standards set by her friends, family, and loved ones has not been realized. What I mean is that, YOU ARE NOT IN COMPETITON WITH ANYONE. Just because things didn’t work out, doesn’t mean that you are a failure. Just because things didn’t happen the way you had envisaged, doesn’t mean you are not good enough. Just because they laid people off, and you were amongst, doesn’t mean this is the end of the world. Maybe you do not know where your next meal would be coming from. It doesn’t mean that you are not responsible or you are careless. Everything may have gone ‘downhill’ for you this year, but I have good news for you that, there is still something for you to be thankful, and grateful for. There are 365 days this year, and maybe you do not see any reason to be thankful. I have some good news for you that you should be thankful even for one thing and that’s the reason why I decided to make this post to motivate, and encourage you and to let you know that you have many reasons to be grateful for.

This year has not been a bed of roses, despite its ups and downs, I decided to write down 12 reasons (it stands for the 12 months of the year) why I choose to be grateful and or thankful. With the foundation being laid, here comes my 12 reasons why I choose to be thankful, or grateful for this year;

  1. The Gift of LIFE

Just for the fact that I am alive, I am more than grateful. A lot of people have died this year. Its not by my effort, its by the grace of God.

 2.I finally started blogging

I have wanted to start a blog for a while now. However, I have just had the ‘guts’ to start this year, and I am happy I have started. I am not a professional at it, but I am thankful that I even ventured into the unknown.

3. Good health

I can try to eat healthy, exercise, and all what not. I am so appreciative that this year, I have enjoyed good health over all. I never spent a dime to buy oxygen or some medications that I have to constantly take, this entire year. It is not by my effort. So I give God praise

4. Protection all round

God has been good, and in all I have done this year. In my going out and coming in, He has been faithful. When I am asleep, and when I am awake. He has been protecting, and guiding me.

5. Divine helpers

A lot of people have helped me this year. Some have encouraged me, others have not. Overall, I am thankful for everyone who has contributed positively to my life this year. Be it through prayers, or words of motivation, and encouragement, or those who even talked down on me, thus motivating me.

6. I found a church

I have been looking for a church where I can serve, and even fellowship in. God made it possible this year too, and I thank Him for that.

7. Sustenance

I have wanted to give up severally, but God’s grace has sustained me, and kept me going. It has been tough, and I didn’t feel like picking my self up, but God kept me going. So I say all glory is due his name.

8. Serving others

Serving other people is crucial. This year it was amazing serving people with developmental disabilities, and putting a smile on their face, and it meant a lot to me that I could put a smile on someone who needs my help.

9. Provision

I have had all that I needed this year. I do not mean trying to be so extravagant, but my daily needs, have been met. I may not have all that I want, but everything I needed to go through this year I have. Also what makes it even nicer is that, I was even able to put a smile on someone’s face by blessing them in one way or another.

10. Guidance

My steps have been ordered, and I have had a lot of guidance, direction, from people, this year, that kept me going.

11. Food

People say food is life. Well, I have not starved this year. Hahahaha. This may be a funny one. I have eaten whatever I have wanted to eat, or cooked what I needed this year. I am thankful that I have had enough to eat, so I do not take it for granted, because there are others who do not have anything to eat.

12. Shelter/Accommodation

Being homeless is a bad thing. I do not even pray that for someone who is my enemy (i do not have one though). I have had a roof over my head. Because of that, I say thank you Lord.

I can go on and on. Even for the goals I had, and have not yet achieved, I still thank God, because I know that it is for his will.

In the comment below, let me know what you are thankful for.

Until next time.


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