The Power In Words Of Affirmation.

words of affirmation

There is great importance in saying WORDS of Affirmation daily.

I have realized that you can do anything that is building or destroying your life with words. Like the saying goes, words either make or mare you, it is important for you to know that as you begin the new year, you need to always use words of affirmation daily and or often. These words go a long way to actually make you feel better, and or happier. Words are important when the right words are spoken. Below is my inspiration about what words are. Enjoy!

words of affirmation

WORDS are mere words until they are well spoken by someone.

Words are mere words until they are listened to by someone.

Words are mere words until they are acted upon.

Words are action words that need to be acted upon.

Who acts upon these words? You, I and Us.

Together we begin to live when we act upon the words we say accordingly.

We are the change we need in the world. Together we can do it. United we stand, and divided we fall.

Words are like a puzzle, which makes more meaning when each missing piece is put in its right place.

Speak the right and perfect words in each situation in your life; in your social life, academics, business, and most importantly in the lives of your lovely children and family; for they are the ones to cause the change we all need to see.

Just as words are unique and different, so is everyone unique and can cause and do unique things.

Do not try to be like everyone. You are not everyone. You are not anyone. You are YOU. Everyone has his/her own route.

Find your route and explore it to the fullest.

Creation (the world) awaits your manifestation, and the explosion of every uniqueness in you.

I reprimand you to start talking the right words as from today.

Thanks for reading, and until next time;



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