There are still Good People out there.


Give everyone a chance, there are still good people out there.

I have personally been so hurt by people in this bad and cruel world. I have thought I would never talk to people at one time.

You are not alone. I have been hurt, so have you.

There are people out there who are still so loving, caring, and reliable, who will love you for who you are, and be there for you when you need them. People go via a lot of pain physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. You will be amazed that, a fellow human being is actually the cause of a certain pain you go through, and the torment and or the pain you go via, is actually inflicted to you knowingly. There are people out here who intentionally want you feeling so bad and unhappy at all times. They want you to live a life of misery.

Be rest assured such people are around you, and you may not even believe it if I tell you that the person is in your inner circle. Hahahaha.

Funny enough, your own enemy is always a member of your household, and knows the ins and outs of your life.

You may be reading this, and have been hurt, or disappointed by your loved ones or by someone you love. It is ok to be hurt, and feel bad. No one is an island. Do not keep to yourself or be very closed up in your own bubble. There is definitely someone out there for you. It may take you longer to realize who the person is. You should actually take your time to know who the person is, and you will realize that there are still good people out there. Not everyone is bad. Just because there are a lot of counterfeits out there, doesn’t mean there are no originals at all.

Personally, I have been hurt, and I have found my peace and decided to give every resentment to GOD. He is all I have got that really understands me. I have come to realize that, if you are depending on man, man will fail you, and you may be left with nothing else but pain. You will always have your loved ones, and family close enough to you. There will always be a time where there is a misunderstanding or you may feel that no one really understands you because sometime, we are all overwhelmed by the issues of life.

God will not come on earth physically, that’s the reason why he has given people to you. These people are here to actually encourage, motivate, and to correct you. When you have someone special (the person may be your child, spouse, mother, father, aunty, uncle, aunty, cousins, co-workers etc.) in your life, keep them closer and value them indefinitely.

How you treat people is actually how you treat yourself, and that is who you truly are.

This is a special year, so make it count in all that you do, and in all that you want to be. Give people an opportunity, because your blessing is definitely tied to someone out there.

This is a video for you.

I would love to hear from you.

Until next time,

It is BELLA.


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