Indisputable Reasons To Cut Someone Out of Your Life



amazing reasons to cut people off
i choose to cut every negativity in my life off

In today’s blog post, you need to get a drink, or a smoothie, or ice cream for yourself, and enjoy it as you read. Today, many people will be offended, but I do not really care if they are or not. What matters is that, you reading need to learn  that, there are certain people in your life that you need to cut them off effortlessly. No questions should be asked, no second thoughts, and no more chances given because you have given them these chances over and over again, but no fruits were ever yielded. This does not mean that you hate these people. You are simply just cutting them off, ghosting them, sidelining them, or what ever name you would like to call it. Enjoy this combo while we dive into cutting them off. Before I forget, please bring a ‘machete’ too (laughing out loud).

undispputabel reasons to cut people off
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Are you still doubting if you should cut someone who is in your life off?. I got you covered.

Will you die without them? The last time I checked, they do not give you oxygen nor put food on your table.

Do they put fuel in your car? Do they even add any strand of hair on your head or even the bald patches you got? Maybe they were even the ones who snatched your edges from you due to stress they inflicted upon you. So, cut them off.

Cut the people who do not add value to you off. When I say cut them off, I mean off, destroyed and buried, and forgotten baby.

Sometimes you may say that you do not want to hurt their feelings, but they have been the ones who keep hurting you over and over again. So, cut them off.

They will always be the people who do not want you to succeed whenever they are in their secret places, but will publicly talk highly of you so that you think they are your friends. If only you could see their hearts, then you will know that it is high time you cut them off.

They will even tell the entire world that, if not for them, you would be a nobody. They will even say if it were not for them, you would never be where you are. Or even say that your vision and ideas were initially theirs and you stole it for yourself. So, cut them off.

Before I forget about the gossip part, they can gossip for Africa about you just so that people know that you are a nobody, and the worst creation that God ever created, and make them selves look better. Do you want me to say the words? Cut them off sister/ brother.

Mama, you have to cut them off. The ones who pray, and even say your kids are a nobody, or say your kids will never go far. Some even compare their kids to yours they say their kids are better than your kids. Cut them off mama, because the last time I checked, children are a blessing from the LORD, and everyone is special in a good way.

Papa, cut them off. The ones who said your wife has no swag, and no education. They said you are a fool because you are actually trying to educate your girl child, and all they want is for you to wait until she is married, and they come rushing like a tornado to collect the bride price for themselves. Coupled with that, they said your wife is so fat after giving birth. Oyah! Cut them off.

Aunty, did you forget that at the market square, (supermarket) people know about you struggles already, because the last time you had visited you ‘Daddy Pastor’ aka your papa, and explained the challenges you face, he used it and preached to the entire church, and to season it real good, he called you up, and disciplined you because you refused to adhere to his sexual demands? Cut them off aunty. Oh, and do you know why it reached the market place so fast, because walls have ears.

‘Uncle for this town’ (a slang for the best uncle), I did not leave your case out at all. What about the ladies who keep saying ‘no’ to you because ‘you nova hammer’? (pidgin word meaning you are not financially viable). Hold your calm, and let them go. Cut those slay queens off. ‘Na last time be time’. For he who laughs last, laughs best. Cut them all off brother.

Those people who are so negative towards you, cut them off.

When you cut them off, you will realize that you will feel much better than you have ever been in all aspects of your life. You will be happier, healthier, looking younger, and even beautiful and or handsome more than before. And a bonus tip, you will keep your money bro, instead of wasting it on someone who doesn’t love u. lol.

Sister for me. you have been with that brother, worked, cooked, and done all necessary chores. I can not forget you have birthed ten (10) kids for him, and all he does is say he can not and will not be with you officially because you have gained weight? Common now? After 15 solid years? Cut him off. If you are tired of cleaning up his mess every single time, and also being the financial pillar, spiritual pillar and you see no light at the end of the tunnel, you have better ‘crosses’ to carry I tell you. And before I forget this one, he punches you every night when he comes back drunk with another lady in the house, and your kids witness this and are traumatized. Cut him off sister.

Signed, sealed and delivered.

If I forgot to mention anything, you know the drill. Please drop a comment for me. I love reading from you.

Plenty hugs, and love. Until next time.




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