Worth The Wait.

worth the wait quotes
worth the wait

Learn to wait, and be happy when you wait. It is always worth the wait.

Life is filled with so much ups and downs. I am amazed how people can actually do anything to succeed in life. I mean do bad things. There are people who do not mind killing a friend, sibling or their kids just to be noticed as someone who is well established or seen as a successful person.

In this world where a lot of things are so fast like fast food, fast cars etc., people do not really know the importance of being patient. People often want things given to them on a plater of gold even when they do not do anything to deserve it or when they have not earned it.

A lot of people can’t even handle being put on hold for a minute when talking to a representative, others will be so frustrated when they are waiting at a traffic light, or they maybe so furious when the internet if buffering. I know some people who can not even wait for their toddler when they are still struggling to walk. Patience is a virtue, and it is so important to cultivate the attitude of waiting.

You may be reading this, and you are wondering why life has been treating you so unfairly. Most of the time, people may be excelling and succeeding in life but success and being established is so far from you. You may have seen a lot of people who have actually gotten married, and you do not even have someone who is talking to you. You may be married, and you do not have a child or children of your own, and maybe your husband is already looking outside for an alternative or looking for your replacement. You may be married, and your wife is so rude, and disrespectful to you. You may be a student who just graduated, and you have not even landed a job, and it is rather unfortunate that your class mates or school mates have landed a job, and you are still doing nothing.

Life is not a competition, and you are not competing with anyone. Trust me when I say that you are not alone or you are not the only one who feels like that daily. Sometimes, you may be down-casted because things are not really moving, or things are not like you expected. It is time to actually not rush into things, or rush into making decisions that will land you into trouble. Like the saying goes, the best miracles usually take a little time.

It is so vital if you can just take a minute, and wait amidst all the chaos, you may be going through right now. You have to find time to just wait and be patient.

Life is not just about waiting, but the manner in which you wait. While waiting for your dreams to be realized, while waiting for your goals and your plans to come to materialization, be happy.

Happiness in life is king. It does not matter what you are, or who you are. Being happy is the greatest of them all. A lot of people are millionaires, and have a lot of things that money can buy, but they are not happy. Others are very well placed in society, and they are looked up to by people under their leadership. Just like you look at someone, and admire them for what ever thing they have that you do not have, know that others also look at you and admire you for what you have that they do not have.

Be happy in all that you do, and in everything that you engage in, take your time to plan accordingly.

Never forget the 5 P’s of life: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. When you take your time to make crucial decisions in life, you will discover that you will actually make better choices rather than just making decisions because everyone is making such decision.


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