You are a queen, so carry yourself as one

You are a QUEEN

Some Queens are Born, others are made. What makes the difference, is how you carry yourself ~ CHRIST BELLA

I have realized that a lot of women in one way or the other try to settle for less when they can actually be Queens that they are.

I am here to let you know that you should not settle for less no matter what comes your way. Always walk with your head up, and walk with confidence, and so much audaciousness, because you are a Queen, in your own kingdom.

Who is a Queen?

The dictionary defines a Queen as the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth. What made me really love this definition is that it said you are a Queen by birth. It means it is your right, and that is who you are naturally, and there is nothing you can do to change that. Hah!!.

Wait a minute. Did you just hear what I said? My sister, I just said it is your birthright. It is your right to be treated like a Queen that you are. Do not settle for anything lesser than that. Do not be beggarly, or have any self-pity on yourself thinking you are not worthy, or deserving. You are a Queen, so carry yourself accordingly, and everything else will follow suit.

How can you become a Queen?

You can be a Queen, by simply accepting that you are a Queen. It is just that simple, and easy. Furthermore, you do not have to end at believing that you are one. You have to actually walk like one, think like one, and you have to also be conscious of the fact that you are one.

How can you carry yourself as a Queen?

  • Dress like a queen. The clothes and the outfit you have do not necessarily need to be super expensive, but you need to keep them neat, and presentable.
  • You have to eat like a Queen. What you eat has to be healthy, and you have to have good comportment when you are eating i.e. not eating and talking with food in your mouth, and also by allowing your food to spill all over the floor when you are a lady.
  • Walk like a Queen. You do not have to pull your feet on the floor when you are walking. Always pick up your feet when walking.
  • Finally, and most importantly, treat people with so much respect, love, and tenderness.

Until next time, do not forget who you are.

It’s Moi,



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