You Are DOPE. Keep Doing You.

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Keep Doing You.

Oh Lord why me?

I have seen countless number of people say this. Why must it be me Lord? Did you bring me to this world for others? For how long will this keep going on? For how long will I work like a servant or a slave or work like (jackass -meaning a slave)? Why is my case always different?

I have not done any thorough research but I know that almost everyone on earth has had some thoughts of regrets in their life in one way or the other. They are either regretting an action they took, or something they failed to do knowingly or unknowingly. I have personally said these words countless number of times, and at one point in time, it seemed like these words were part and parcel of me. I mean, it seemed like these words were the last words I said or thought of before going to bed, and the first when I got up in the morning for my daily activities.

Regrets upon regrets of who even sent me? Yes, you said these words, and even vowed never to do those things again. Do you know what I am even talking about? I am talking about the help you rendered to someone, and they did not even recognize you. The person or people you sponsored with your hard-earned money, but they have never looked at you or your kids, talk less of even appreciating you. You actually took some days off for your friend’s wedding, and they didn’t even appreciate you and they do not even know your house or your address as we speak although it has been ages.

Even with all the sacrifices you do, you always end up as the bad person in it all. You are always the target. You probably go down that memory lane daily because you are being reminded of it either by their pictures, or because the people who hurt you, are a part and parcel of you.

Did you spend your last dime on your spouse only to be cheated upon, and told you are good for nothing? Or have you been accused daily of not doing your best although you are actually doing the best you can so that your relationship can work? Well, keep doing and being who you are.

you are the best version of your self
A letter to self

Do not give room for any form of regrets and keep doing you. Keep being nice, and helping who ever you feel and want to help. Your blessings come from the Lord of host. He has given you better opportunities so that, you can be of help to others.

As you begin the new year, I reprimand you to know that regrets and talking down on yourself are things of the past. Put on your shoes of peace. Make peace with them, and yourself most importantly because you are better than that (I mean leaving in regret and pain, and anger). You have a life to live, and it is time to heal emotionally, as the new year begins. If you have been reading my blog posts recently, I have been telling you to actually cut all forms of toxicity out, and negative people out of your life. Letting someone you love go, may seem daunting at first, but trust me that it will get better for time is the only healer.

If you have not read my other posts about cutting negative people off, please do.

Until next time, much hugs from me.



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